Each SOS Station houses safety equipment that can treat the majority of on site incidents. All first aid equipment provided includes an anti-tamper seal to ensure your team know when to inspect that all safety equipment is replenished and up to date. In addition we also provide on going sales support, helping you to maintain your on site health and safety regulations. Although this is a fairly new product on the market we want to assure our customers that this robust design is for the long term which is why we offer a 3 year warranty to safe guard our clients.

Environmentally Friendly

A critical part of the brief was that we worked closely with manufacturers and suppliers from the North West to reduce the carbon footprint of the product. As the product is constructed of HDPE it is 100% recyclable and the modular design allows broken or damaged components to be interchanged without replacing the entire product.

It was important that we kept the product’s weight to a minimum to ease transport and movement around a construction site. To further help with this our designers split the SOS Station into two large sub assemblies that can be bolted together and quickly disassembled if required without the need for tools.

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